Your periodontist has equipment that can allow him to uncover oral cancer at its very beginning. We are able to detect potential issues and take a biopsy for a definitive diagnosis.
Keeping natural teeth is our goal, but there are occasions when extractions are needed, such as in the case of wisdom teeth or teeth that have suffered irreparable damage. In these cases, we can comfortably extract the tooth and treat the site effectively to reduce bone loss.
When your teeth do not fit together correctly, you may require an occlusal adjustment to improve your bite. Occlusal adjustments can be achieved by adjusting the areas that come together improperly. If you know that your bite is giving you problems, contact us to discuss occlusal adjustments.
When gum tissue becomes damaged or diseased, it should be carefully and professionally removed so the healthy soft tissues of the gum can regenerate. We have chosen to use high-end tools for all gingivectomies. These tools reduce discomfort for patients, and speed up the time it takes to remove the unwanted tissues.
For patients requiring deep-cleaning of their periodontal pockets, guided tissue regeneration may be necessary to foster the growth and development of healthy gum tissues. During this process, a soluble membrane may be introduced between the gums and the roots of the teeth. This membrane will help foster the regeneration of soft tissues, and will dissolve over a few weeks.

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