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WaterLase® Dental Laser

WaterLase iPlus in Jacksonville, FLThe WaterLase® Dental Laser is a versatile laser tool that allows the doctor to cut teeth, bone, and gum tissue more accurately and with less trauma than with traditional tools such as a drill or scalpel. The WaterLase® Drill can be used in procedures such as replacing periodontal cosmetic procedures, cosmetic procedures, implant placements, and periodontal therapies.

Sirona XG CBCT

The Sirona XG CBCT permits the integration of 3D imaging for pre-surgical assessment of complex cases, comprehensive treatment planning and guided surgery applications.

Piezo Surgical Unit

The Piezo Surgical Unit provides a level of unsurpassed safety and comfort not previously possible with surgical rotary. Procedures such as osseous surgery, sinus access, and ridge augmentation procedures can now be done with less bone trauma or the possibility soft tissue injury.

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