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Replace Missing Teeth in One Day with Pro Arch/All-on-4® in Jacksonville, FL!

Why wait for months to replace your of missing teeth? Fix the problem with teeth in a day!

Have you been told you are not a candidate for dental implants for your missing teeth, but are unwilling to proceed with traditional dentures? Get same day teeth with the revolutionary Nobel All-on-4® and Straumann® Pro Arch procedure in Jacksonville, FL! Dr. Roger D. Robinson is experienced in performing this incredible surgery that can give you the smile of your dreams, with All-on4® and Pro Arch same day teeth.

The Problem With Removable Dentures

Have you tried traditional removable dentures? You probably know their problems:

  • They never fit well
  • They always seem to be slipping
  • They make it hard to eat and speak
  • They just do not look like real teeth
  • They feel uncomfortable
All on 4 Implant Image

In addition to these common complaints, removable dentures simply do not give your gums and bone proper stimulation. This is needed for the long-term health of your mouth. However, if you have had bone loss at the site of your missing teeth, you may have been told you could never have dental implants. The good news is that, even with bone loss, you may be able to enjoy the benefits of implant-supported dentures from Northeast Florida Periodontics & Dental Implants with Pro Arch/All-on-4® in Jacksonville, FL!

How You Can Literally Get Same Day Teeth

The Pro Arch/All-on-4® procedure uses four strategically placed implants to support your dentures. This allows our dentists to offer implant supported dentures to patients that have some bone loss and were previously told that they are not candidates for dental implants. After the implants have been put into a place, a temporary denture will be secured onto the implants. You can literally leave the Northeast Florida Periodontics & Dental Implants office with a complete set of teeth!

After healing and fully integrating with the jawbone, usually three to six months, your implants are ready for the permanent denture to be secured. These dentures will be carefully constructed for ideal fit and function. The craftsmanship used to create implant-supported dentures is phenomenal and designed to make it look like your smile is completely natural!



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